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Rara Avis Consulting, Inc.

Natasha Schischakin has spent over twenty-five years working in aviculture, zoo-based wildlife conservation, small population and captive-breeding management, international conservation program development, education and training.  She retired from the Houston Zoo in 2002 after twenty years of service to start her own independent company, Rara Avis Consulting, Inc. Her broad knowledge of avian species and avicultural concepts has served as a foundation for her current projects, which include the development of avicultural training programs and seminars, and a book on the Spix's macaw conservation program.  

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Report on the IV International Conference on Breeding Birds in
Captivity (ISBBC), held September 12-16, 2007 in Toronto, Canada.

Report on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Congress, held October 5-14, 2008 in Barcelona, Spain.

Report on the Northern Rivers Avicultural Society AVES Parrot Convention,

held August 12-14,2005 in Grafton, Australia

Rare Bird Notes has been updated with an article about my recent trip to Australia to speak at the AVES Parrot Convention in Grafton, NSW. "Back from the Back of Bourke" describes the outback tour after the convention. Included are photos of a few of the Australian Avicultural facilities that we visited. 

AVES Parrot Convention Speakers


Photograph used with permission from Neville Connors   

Back Row (Left to Right): Rupert Gwee (Singapore), Etienne  van Der Stricht (Belgium), Dr. Rosangela Fonseca Teixeira de Freitas (Brazil), Dr. Bob Doneley (Australia), Morten Bruun-Rasmussen (Denmark), Povl Jorgensen (Denmark), Walt Frey (USA), Richard Polglaze (Australia). Front Row (Left to Right): Rachel Antignus (Israel), Mark Hagen (Canada), Natasha Schischakin (USA/Brazil). 

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Rara Avis Consulting, Inc.

Natasha Schischakin

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