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AraBrasil International, Inc. was formed to provide a link between public and private sector captive breeding and management programs to in-country field conservation and research efforts, with a focus on Brazilian Psittacines, particularly the blue macaws (Spix's, Lear's and Hyacinth macaws). Other species that are endangered and threatened are also included, such as the Golden conure.  

News events, commentaries and issues will be posted as they arise. The intent of this site is to provide the most current data on avicultural and conservation issues as they relate to the conservation and management of these species. Although the primary focus if AraBrasil International, Inc. (ABI) is on Brazilian species, it is not only limited to them. Projects that are of particular interest and the focus of development are: 

   Long-term land management and conservation programs;

   Community-based programs in education, land-management, conservation and sustainable-use projects, such as the Rural Schoolhouse Program;

   Captive breeding and management programs;

   Sustainable-use initiatives.


Additional information will be posted on this web page, including articles and updates on conservation and research projects. 

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