Aviandata.com is still in the development stage, but its goal is to provide the avicultural community with information and the tools to help manage avian populations in captivity by helping to set up cooperative breeding programs in private aviculture.

 Many species that were once considered common in US aviculture are now disappearing because of a lack of a managed and coordinated captive-breeding effort. Often individuals who are interested in a particular species find it difficult to find birds for their breeding efforts. 

This web site, when completed, will help to serve as a resource and contact point for information for aviculturists interested in participating in studbooks and cooperative private sector breeding programs. 

The concept of this project is to provide a central location for private individuals to learn about studbooks and population management, to participate in cooperative breeding programs, to provide and share expertise, and to find like minded individuals to work on long-term breeding programs. 

The result will be the development of species specific COOPERATIVE BREEDING PROGRAM HUSBANDRY AND POPULATION MANAGEMENT MANUALS for use by the participants. It is hoped that this strategy will help to establish program continuity and facilitate the involvement of new participants in the program.

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