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by Natasha Schischakin


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Australian Avicultural Facilities

One of the great advantages of attending the AVES Convention is the opportunity to visit a number of fabulous private Australian Avicultural Facilities. In taking the photos, I realized that I had concentrated more on the aviary structures than on the species within the facilities. I must admit that I was very surprised at the absolute interest in Neotropical species that are considered common in collections outside of Australia. Of course the same is true of Australian species which are rare in captivity outside Australia such as the black cockatoos. Demand and interest in the species did not correlate with rareness or endangerment status in the wild. A blue and gold macaw, common in aviculture outside of Australia, was just as highly prized as rarer species. Below are some examples of the Australian avicultural facilities that we visited during this trip. 



Casuarina Parrot Gardens

Les Banks Aviaries

John Ellis Aviaries

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