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Survey Question of the Month: June

How did your interest in birds & aviculture begin? 

1969 Brazil: "Tico" the Easter Chick that grew up to rule the Schischakin household... and one of the reasons for Natasha's interest in aviculture...

While organizing photos for this web, I found many old photographs of my family in Brazil. "Tico", our family pet rooster featured in many of them - always as  the center of attention. Although we had other birds while growing up (canaries, songbirds and parakeets), "Tico" was the first bird that I actually raised from a chick. In retrospect, that experience is what I believe fostered my lifelong interest in birds and aviculture. 

Unfortunately, young people today are too far removed from animals and wildlife. I believe that there is a great need to educate and expose young people to animals and to allow them to have hands-on experiences and opportunities. Certainly a love for animals fosters a love for nature. 

After going through those old pictures, I realize that I am not the only one whose involvement and passion for birds started at an early age, and with a common domestic animal that became a beloved family pet.  But, I am also aware that many people became involved with birds later on in life as adults. That sparked my curiosity. 

Did you have such a childhood experience? What difference did it make in your life? Did you become interested in birds as an adult? What experience made you become interested? I am writing an article on how people develop their interests in aviculture. If  you have such a story you would like to share, let me know. 

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