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The following articles and papers on the Spix's Macaw program by Natasha Schischakin have been published either in the general press or presented at conferences and focus on avicultural issues. 

  • "Captive Management and Conservation Programs for Parrots: Can Public and Private Sector Collaboration Work?©" (PDF File). Natasha Schischakin. American Zoo and  Aquarium Association (AZA) Conference Proceedings. This paper provides a detailed overview of the ex-situ captive breeding efforts of two highly endangered species (the Spix's macaw and the St. Vincent Amazon). It analyses and evaluates the breeding success rates between the privately owned birds and those that are held in the public sector (and who have given ownership back to the respective governments).

  • "Update on the Last wild Spix's Macaw©" Natasha Schischakin. American Federation of Aviculture (AFA) Watchbird. This is an update on the disappearance of the last Spix's macaw from the wild and the conclusion that this species is extinct in the wild.

  • "The Spix's Macaw Conservation Program: A Non-Extinction Story©" Natasha Schischakin. American Federation of Aviculture Watchbird, 1999 Nov/Dec. This article was the first time the history of the conservation program was published, detailing the first ten years of the program since its inception in 1989. 

  • "The Last Spix's Macaw Disappears" Press Release from the Brazilian Institute for Environment and Natural Renewable Resources (IBAMA). Prepared by Natasha Schischakin and disseminated through IBAMA to officially announce the disappearance of the last wild bird. 

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