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Aviculture: the Art & Science of Birdkeeping©

The "Aviculture: The Art & Science of Birdkeeping©" Seminar was developed by Natasha Schischakin. It is a full day, 6 hour lecture seminar designed to provide the participant with a broad overview of aviculture, from basic avian biology to conservation, husbandry and management, facility design, nutrition and health of birds in captivity. It will be of interest to anyone involved in keeping birds, from the first-time bird owner to the long time bird breeder and hobbyist.  A workbook designed to complement the lecture will be provided to the course participants as part of the registration fee. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to each participant at the end of the course. 

Aviculture: the Art & Science of Birdkeeping© Workbook


C h a p t e r  1 :  

Birds and Humans: This introductory chapter focuses on the long history and relationship of humans and birds, from hunting for survival to domestication, to art and mythology.   

C h a p t e r  2 :  


Birds in Art, Myth and Symbolism: This section focuses on the impact that birds have had on art, and the role of that artists had in the development of the science of ornithology and public interest in birds. 

C h a p t e r  3:  

Taxonomy and Nomenclature: This chapter describes the concepts behind classification of birds, taxonomy and nomenclature, both from a historical viewpoint and the latest current technological advances.  

Ch a p t e r  4: 


Birds in Aviculture: This section describes the many and diverse taxonomic groups of birds that are held in aviculture. 

C h a p t e r  5 :  

Avian Anatomy & Physiology: Basic avian anatomy and physiology is discussed. highlighting the unique adaptations of birds to flight and their environment. 

C h a p t e r  6 :  

From Egg to Bird: This section describes the development of the avian egg, incubation and hatching. This includes an overview of the various parental care strategies for survival of the young. 

C h a p t e r  7 :  

Avian Behavior: This chapter discusses the science of ethology and how it applies to aviculture. Basic principles of avian behavior are discussed, as well as its implications for keeping birds in captivity. 

C h a p t e r  8 :  

Basic Genetics:  A brief overview of basic genetic concepts is provided, with a focus on captive-breeding and small population management.  

C h a p t e r  9 :  

Aviculture in Modern Times:  This chapter describes the important events that shaped modern aviculture from the 19th century to the present. Important milestones in aviculture are provided 

C h a p t e r  10 :  

Facility Development & Design: This chapter provides an overview of facility development and design concepts for the aviary, including indoor and outdoor facilities.  

C h a p t e r  11 :   

Husbandry & Management Basics: This chapter provides a basic introduction to avicultural husbandry and management principles. These principles and concepts apply to anyone that maintains birds, from pet owners and large avicultural collections. 

C h a p t e r 12:  

Avian Diets and Nutrition: This chapter provides a basic introduction to nutrition in birds and the history of development of avian diets in captivity. Explains species specific diets and provides guidelines to ensure the best possible diet for birds held in captivity. 

C h a p t e r  13:  

Avian Health Basics: This section provides a general overview of avian health basics for the aviculturist.

C h a p t e r  14:  

Avian Conservation: In this section, conservation issues and problems are examined. Case histories of avian extinctions are presented, as well as the causative factors. The success or failures of species recovery  programs are discussed.

C h a p t e r  15 :  

Legislation & Regulations: This chapter explains laws and regulations that affect birds both in the wild and in captivity. 

C h a p t e r  16:  

The Future of Aviculture: What is the future of aviculture? What are the issues facing the aviculturist and bird owner in the future? The role of the younger generations of aviculturists in keeping and conserving avian species, both in captivity and the wild is discussed

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