Rara Avis Consulting, Inc. 

Rara Avis Consulting, Inc. 


Rara Avis Consulting, Inc. was formed by Natasha Schischakin after she retired from the Houston Zoo, to focus on the development of private sector avicultural, conservation and education projects. Current projects include: 

   Development of the aviandata.com website as a tool for private aviculturists interested in the genetic and demographic management of species in captivity through studbooks and small population management principles.  Support in the development and establishment of cooperative private breeding programs in the private sector. 

   Development of professional training and development seminars for aviculturists. (List of available courses and lectures.)

   Private-sector captive breeding and management program consulting and support. 

   Conservation program development and support, with a particular focus on community-based conservation and education. 

Additional information will soon be posted on this web page, including articles and updates on conservation and research projects. 

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Rara Avis    Consulting, Inc.

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